World Doula Week

How exciting to get a whole week to celebrate the awesomeness that is doula! I’ve created some graphics that you are welcome to use on Facebook. Instructions: click on the thumbnail to open the photo full size, save to your computer, upload to Facebook. I’m required to provide this disclaimer: The World Doula Week team is the owner of the …

Ditching GoDaddy

If you have have ever purchased a domain name I’m sure you’ve heard of GoDaddy. They are the current king of domains. Unfortunately they also have pushed the envelope as far as their marketing is concerned with overtly sexual SuperBowl ads. I don’t begrudge them their right to advertise in whatever way they want but that doesn’t mean I need …

SEO Giveaway & Biz-cation Survey!

This quarter’s giveaway is a big one… well actually FOUR! That’s right there will be four winners. I’m giving away Mini SEO Packages. If you are frustrated that the search engines haven’t indexed your website, this is the contest for you.

Let’s kick things off with a giveaway!

Who likes FREE stuff? I know I do. In honor of our new blog and new Facebook page I’ve decided to giveaway a free website design package to one lucky birth professional. Entering the giveaway is easy, just use the widget below.