You want a thriving placenta business… but you aren’t quite there yet.

  • You know how to encapsulate but feel stuck when it comes to attracting clients.
  • Your logo and branding need some TLC.
  • You need help setting up all the paperwork for your clients: contracts, instruction booklets, welcome letters, etc.
  • The thought of getting your website set up makes you feel like you want to hide.
  • You’re search engine ranking is abysmal.



Grow Your Placenta Business eCourse

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  • How to Resonate with the Mainstream Pregnant Woman
  • Needs & Problems of Your Ideal Client
  • Crafting a Marketing Message
  • Pricing Demystified
  • Designing Tiered Packages
  • How & When to Offer Discounts
  • Choosing or Reinventing a Business Name
  • Anatomy of a Good Logo
  • Creating Design Specifications for Your Brand
  • Brilliant Business Cards
  • Effective Brochures & Other Print Collateral
  • Labels & Instruction Booklets
  • Formatting for Print & Choosing a Printer
  • Custom Promotional Items
  • Handling Inquiries
  • Email Templates
  • Placenta Encapsulation Contract & Intake
  • Communication Throughout the Contract & Beyond
  • Placenta Documentation Paperwork
  • Digital Resources for Small Business
  • Picking an Effective Domain Name
  • Getting Your Website Live
  • Basic Design Principles
  • Website Usability & Navigation
  • The Seven Elements Your Website Must Have
  • Specific Placenta Website Tips
  • Using Photos & Testimonials
  • Stock Photography of Placenta Capsules
  • Basic Rules & Guidelines for Social Media
  • Ways to Connect on Facebook
  • Following Facebook’s Rules
  • Facebook Friend Lists & Post Privacy
  • Creating a Facebook Page Content Plan
  • How to Curate Useful Information on Pinterest
  • Pros & Cons of Other Social Media
  • Pay per Click Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Content Swipe File
  • How To Host a Placenta Info Night
  • Host Other Baby or Birth Related Workshops
  • PR for Dummies
  • Setting Up for a Successful Expo
  • Print Advertising
  • Pay per Click Google Advertising
  • Beginner Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Giveaways & Raffles
  • Client Surveys & Testimonials
  • Setting Up a Referral Network
  • Preferred Provider Lists & Business Partnerships
  • Rewarding Referrals
  • Recipe for a Phenomenal Home Page
  • Create an Irresistible Free Offer That Drives Inquiries
  • SEO Meet Your MetaTags
  • SEO First Steps
  • SEO Techniques
  • Advanced SEO with City Specific Pages
  • Setting Good Boundaries & Avoiding Burnout
  • Biz Planning & Family Support
  • Business Structures
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures
  • Invoices, Receipts & Contracts
  • Payment Processing
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Taxes
  • Eight Steps to Starting a Legitimate Business
  • Sourcing Your Reusable Kit
  • Sourcing Your Consumable Supplies
  • Setting Up Your Workspace
  • Pro Tips & Tricks
  • Comparing Dehydrators
  • Preparation Methods Research
  • Filling Methods Research
  • Placenta Variations Visual Dictionary

Done-for-You Templates & Worksheets

  • Inquiry & Client Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Stock Photography of Placenta Capsules
  • Email templates for inquiries, contract receipt, testimonial request and more.
  • Client Contract & Intake
  • Client Welcome Letter
  • Client Checklists for Home Birth, Birth Center & Hospital Clients
  • Placenta Documentation Form
  • Client Dosage & Instruction Booklet
  • Client Feedback Survey
  • Client Testimonial Book
  • Tincture Instruction Sheet
  • Placenta Info Workshop Flyer
  • Marketing Priority List
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Action Sheets
  • Logo Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Business Name Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Packages Worksheet
  • Business Expenses Worksheet
  • Communication Flowchart
  • Design Specifications Worksheet
  • Ideal Client Worksheet
  • Social Media Release
  • Facebook Content Swipe File

PLUS you get access to my secret Grow Your Birth Business Mastermind group on Facebook!

Grow Your Placenta Business Registration & FAQ

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(Price for independent business owners only. Please contact me for agency, co-op or partnership pricing.)

No. This is a marketing & business course only. You already need to know how to encapsulate placentas. The information in this course will definitely make you a better placenta specialist though!
Since this isn’t a static product, you are actually paying for access to an evolving course and a vibrant support community. You are a valued member not just a one time sale.
Right away! As soon as your payment is finished you’ll receive emails providing your username and password for the eCourse. The entire system is automated.
If after 7 days you feel like you won’t get the value you hoped out of your membership, I’ll refund your purchase price, minus a $25 processing fee. When a refund is given, your license to use the resources is revoked and you are not able to purchase a membership at a future date. In addition, I reserve the right to cancel any membership at my sole discretion and provide a refund to the purchaser.
No, your license is for one independent business owner only. Any unauthorized use is a violation of copyright and intellectual property laws. The membership software is designed to detect multiple login access and will block your account if it is attempted. Everybody needs to purchase their own membership. I offer discounts for add on members.
Lifetime memberships do not expire. If, at some point, I decide to no longer maintain the eCourse as a website, I reserve the right to publish the content as a eBook and distribute it to current members.

The Bloom Advantage

I’m Emily Fontes… your marketing guru!

I believe that your placenta business should be thriving with a constant stream of clients. I have worked in the fields of website design, graphic design, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media for fourteen years. My friends jokingly refer to me as “Potter” for my ability to fix tech problems like magic (but, duh, I’m totally Hermione). I live in Seattle (mecca for code geeks) and am just a little bit addicted to Apple products.

Experienced designer and coder:
  • Writing HTML & CSS since 2001.
  • Building SEO since 2001.
  • Designing logos & graphics since 2002.
  • Trained in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop.
  • Designing websites professionally in WordPress since 2010.
Owner of four successful birth businesses:
  • Childbirth educator since 2003.
  • Birth doula since 2004.
  • Prenatal massage therapist since 2009.
  • Placenta specialist since 2010.

“The GYPB course has quadrupled, if not more, my placenta encapsulation business. I went from being almost unsearchable in a very popular city to being at the top of page ONE after attending a workshop and implementing the skills learned in the course. I was very nervous about making this commitment because purchasing anything is a big deal in my household as I have the only income. Gaining more business has reduced a tremendous amount of stress for my family and we’ve been able to take a vacation and enjoy life again.”

Heather Cheek

Atlanta, GA Placenta Specialist

“Before taking the Grow Your Placenta Business ecourse, I had no clear direction on how to brand my business or even how to market it. I averaged 1-2 placentas a month, some months going without any business at all. Emily’s course gave me all the tools necessary to thrive in my business. Since implementing her tools, I have increased my business by over 600%, and it continues to increase every month. I have also increased my google rankings to the #2 spot in an extremely saturated service area.

Most importantly I now have the confidence of a legit business woman, instead of feeling like I was pretending to be one!”

Denessa Hicks

Washington, DC Placenta Specialist

“My website has come a long way. I have been able to put almost all of my intake process online, I have mostly streamlined my response process to inquires and my follow up with past clients. I also have a newfound sense of confidence. I went into my certification course with a “We’ll see how it goes..” kind of attitude but Emily’s course has given me a “I KNOW I can do it” attitude. With the right support and the hard work I know I can reach my goals.

The cost has absolutely been worth it. My inquires have increased and I am moving from 1-2 clients a month to 4-5 a month consistently.”

Hillary Westbrook

Hampton Roads, VA Placenta Specialist

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