4 Ways to Promote World Doula Week Even If You Didn’t Plan Ahead

During World Doula Week, some doulas host events such as meet the doula nights or movie screenings. If you didn’t plan ahead, never fear! Here are four last minute promotions you can try this week.

  1. Do a Daily Meme on Facebook: You could create a different client testimonial image each day or focus on a different benefit of doula care each day. Check out this video for helpful tips on how to make a meme using Pixlr, a free online photo editor: https://vimeo.com/88963081
  2. Host a Giveaway: who doesn’t love to get something for free? Put together a package of items or services that a new mom would like and collect entries. One easy (and free!) way to manage giveaways is: http://rafflecopter.com
  3. Offer a Discount Bundle:
    • If you are a doula you can offer an incentive for people to hire you this week. Examples: percentage off your fee, dollar amount off your fee, free add on or upgrade.
    • If you aren’t a doula you can reach out to some established doulas in your community to bundle services at a discounted rate or offer a coupon.
  4. Blog Your Best Doula Tips: Pick one topic each day that you love and write a few paragraphs. You can also do a bloghop/linkup and allow other people to link their blog posts about a specific topic. Here is a great free tool for automating link ups: http://www.linkytools.com