My name is Emily Fontes and I've put together an easy to replicate search engine optimization method for local business owners who want to be on page one of Google. If you want to quit spinning your wheels and finally get control of your ranking... this is the program for you!

My name is Emily Fontes and I’ve put together an easy to replicate inquiry generation method for birth professionals who want a full client load. If you want to shift out of overwhelm mode into focused action and finally break through to the next level of business… this is the program for you!

And What Does She Know About SEO?

  • I started learning about search engine optimization in 2001 before Google was a publicly traded company.
  • I have evolved my SEO skills WITH Google. Every algorithm change in the platform, I have mastered.
  • Over the last 16 years I've perfected my method for getting local websites on page one without spending a dime on AdSense.
  • My local businesses get over 50% of their customers directly from Google searches.

This program is split into bite sized pieces so you can focus on one thing at a time.
You receive a new lesson every other day for three weeks.
I will tell you EXACTLY what to do, in what order so you don't have to second guess yourself.

Module One
SEO Fundamentals

  • Understand exactly how Google works and how to give bots what they want.
  • Which keywords and phrases are right for your business.
  • Why your site design matters and how to fix mobile compatibility issues.

Module Two
On-Site Optimization

  • How to fully optimize each page of your website.
  • How to optimize your metatags and other microdata.
  • Which pages you need to add to your website to boost ranking.
  • What type of blogging you should be doing to improve SEO.

Module Three
Off-Site Optimization

  • How to get other websites to link to yours without being spammy.
  • Which directory listings you need and exactly how to set them up.
  • Why you should leverage social media for SEO and which platforms to use.

Feedback From SEO School Students

amber bergen bloom seo school student"Join Bloom SEO School now even if you think you're not completely ready. There are so many ways to implement the changes and honestly it's a great motivator where you actually feel like you're getting results, even small ones."
Amber Bergen

Fort St. John, BC Placenta Encapsulation

kim hawley bloom seo school student learn how to do seo"Best use of money ever! It's so worth it! SEO School was so helpful! It was pretty much the perfect format for me since it was largely self-paced, but with specific homework and feedback to make sure I actually understood what you were talking about. I tend to get overwhelmed with things that don't have any homework and feedback, and things with set times are sometimes just too hard to commit to."
Kim Hawley

Washington, DC Childbirth Classes, Breastfeeding Support & Sleep Coach

cheri grant bloom seo school student learn how to increase  google ranking"My daughter Tiffany took this class and it was the best class she ever took. She is still talking about it! Thank you for offering it and thanks for all you do and making a difference in so many lives with teaching others about websites and business."
Cheri Grant

Peanut Ball Lady, Premier Birth Tools

amber bergen bloom seo school student"I like that the tasks you give in the material WORK! You know what you are doing and explain it very well for everyone. I never leave a lesson feeling like the tasks don't apply to me. They always apply to my business. My biggest fear was that my market was too large to crack and I wouldn't see much movement. I found that after only touching up the page title and description as instructed moved my page from page 8 of Google to the bottom of page 2 - and I haven't even finished completing all the recommended work. If you are willing to do what the course tells you to do - you WILL see results. You just need to make sure to do the work."
Deanna Scott

Portland, OR Postpartum and Placenta Services

rebecca mcgregor bloom seo school student local seo training"Emily's expertise is invaluable. If there's a resource that you need to be made aware of, she readily shares it. And it's not just her knowledge, but also the fact that she teaches you the skills to action the strategies yourself. I love the fact that I have ongoing access to the modules so that I am able to review my website periodically."
Rebecca McGregor

Macedon Ranges Doula & Placenta Services


Next Session Starts in July!

Bloom SEO School only opens twice per year!

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  • Three Learning Modules

    You receive a new micro lesson every other day for 3 weeks. Every detail about that week's focus will be provided via video tutorials. You will receive specific instructions and action items to complete for homework.

  • Group Support

    We will have live Q&A calls every month. This is the place to flesh out the lessons, ask questions, get coaching and connect with the group. You will also have access to the private Facebook group.

  • Personal Support

    Each student has the chance to submit their homework to be reviewed via the Facebook group.

Absolutely if...

  • You have a local business that serves clients in person, in a specific geographical radius.
  • You take responsibility for your own success and make ZERO excuses.
  • You are passionate and motivated about your work. You believe in the value you have to offer.
  • You work hard and are focused on excellence.

Definitely Not if...

  • You aren't proficient at managing your own website.
  • Tech stuff scares you and wastes a lot of your time.
  • You are using Wix or another flash based web builder.
  • You give up easily and look for ways out of getting things done.

Program Cost

10 Easy to Understand Video Lessons (Valued At $1000)
Easy to use worksheets & spreadsheets (Valued At $300)
Private Facebook Group for Support (Valued At $500)
Monthly Live Q&A Calls (Valued At $1200)
Registration - $3000 $500

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        Next Session Starts in July

        Bloom SEO School only opens twice per year!

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