Ditching GoDaddy

If you have have ever purchased a domain name I’m sure you’ve heard of GoDaddy. They are the current king of domains. Unfortunately they also have pushed the envelope as far as their marketing is concerned with overtly sexual SuperBowl ads. I don’t begrudge them their right to advertise in whatever way they want but that doesn’t mean I need to continue to pay them my domain fees on a yearly basis. So I’ve begun the process of transferring my domain names to either DreamHost or NameCheap.
If you buy through these links, I get some coffee money (not enough for a Venti Cappucino).

If your website hosting is through someone other than GoDaddy then this is a fairly straightforward process. You will continue to pay your hosting fees to your host but you will now pay your yearly domain name fees to your new domain name registrar. If you think DreamHost might be a great fit for you, here are some instructions for how to transfer your domain to them. Other registrars can provide similar instructions. Remember this is for you if your domain name is with GoDaddy but your hosting is with someone else.

If your website is also hosted with GoDaddy you have a little bit of a technical hurdle. If you make a mistake you may accidentally delete your website. Fortunately most hosting companies give really great instructions on how to accomplish this and some even provide a transfer concierge. For example, here are DreamHost’s instructions.

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