Doula Website Critique – Sarah Moloney

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  • Birth pro: Sarah Moloney
  • Business name: Once Upon a Doula
  • Services: birth doula, placenta encapsulation, infant massage
  • Located in: Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
  • Website:

Design Critique

Color palette? Excellent You’ve kept your colors consistent throughout. The magenta, #cc3399, is lovely and you have used it judiciously. Too much of this color would be overwhelming but you’ve saved it for headers and links. Well done! Your text font color is a dark brown, #310003, which is readable.  The other prominent color is the background texture in a nice varied beige. This softens your design overall and is a nice stabilizing neutral.

Fonts? Need a bit of work. The decorative font you have chosen, Mrs Saint Delafield, works well for your logo/business name in the header but elsewhere is just too unreadable. Other fonts in your design are Arial & Georgia. I think your site would be improved by using a clean, eye catching text & heading font such as Lancelot. Use it everywhere other than the logo/business name in the header. Here is what your site would look like with Lancelot as your primary text font:

Example Layout? Good There are some areas where the headers or text feel crowded. Also the design is rendering a horizontal line design element at random places on each page. That is breaking up eye flow. On your “Birth of a Doula” page, your photos are overlaying some type of frames and it looks a bit jumbled. This is the only page where the layout feels disorganized. The columns are mismatched and the photos seem out of place in the middle. Also, don’t forget to put your name on this page!

Imagery? Good Nice use of baby photos throughout. On the “Offering You” page I think you need three color photos instead of 1 color & 2 black and white. The B&W doesn’t mesh with your warm color palette. On the “Notes of Thanks” page, the pregnancy silhouette next to the bottom two is jarring. The hard black with a white background just doesn’t flow with the site at all. Use a stock photo or no photo instead. On your homepage the lotus picture is pretty but it doesn’t create any emotional connection. I love the baby photo and would suggest a series of them side by side.

Content Critique

Marketing Message? Good. You’ve taken the time to create copy that is unique. It doesn’t feel cookie-cutter at all. There is good description of your doula packages but you might add more about the benefits of a doula. I would say your placenta encapsulation info needs beefing up. You might benefit from separate pages about Doula Services, Infant Massage & Placenta Encapsulation. That way you have room to really make the benefits shine.

Calls to Action? Needs a bit of work. The “Reserve Your Sacred Day” CTA in the header is well done. Lots of personality there! I recommend adding a button (Free Consultation, Request a Meet & Greet, Schedule an Interview, etc) that links to your contact page. Put that button several times on your services page and once on every other page. Change “Contact” in your navigation to “Free Meet & Greet” or whatever CTA you choose. Remember, you don’t want people emailing you with random questions or seeking advice. You have one goal for your website: CONVERT browsers to qualified inquiries who are ready to take the next step with you.

Inquiry Form? Almost there. Add a little sentence or two before the form about what to expect after they contact you. If at all possible, work towards offering some type of incentive for the inquiry: a free eBook on relaxation techniques, an infant massage cheat sheet… something that you can include in a reply email or on the thank you page after the form is submitted. Client’s name should be the first field, move due date to 2nd or 3rd. Change “Message” to “Tidbits About You” and make it optional instead of required. The “Where Have You Heard About Me” should be checkboxes instead of radio buttons. Doing that will mean people can select more than one option. Instead of “Contact Once Upon a Doula in Owen Sound” in the right column, put “Contact Sarah Moloney”. You might also add a headshot here to reinforce the personal touch. Also, there is a random “Find Out More…” headline with nothing under it.

Search Engine Optimization Critique

Current Ranking? Excellent. In Google your website and/or Facebook page are results #1 & #2 for “Owen Sound doula”, results #2 & #3 for “Owen Sound placenta encapsulation” and result #2 for “Owen Sound infant massage”. In Bing your website is result #1 & #6 for “Owen Sound doula”, result #1 & #2 for “Owen Sound placenta encapsulation” and result #1 & #3 for “Owen Sound infant massage”.

Metatags? Almost there.

Your homepage metatags are:

<title>Once Upon A Doula in Owen Sound, On</title>
<meta name="description" content="Once Upon a Doula in Owen Sound, On, Birth Doula in Owen Sound, On. Sarah Moloney of Grey Bruce offering placenta encapsulation, professional birth coaching, eco friendly greening solutions, infant massage and private sessions">

For maximum SEO they should be:

<title>Owen Sound Doula | Doula in Owen Sound, ON | Once Upon A Doula</title>
<meta name="description" content="Owen Sound doula services by Once Upon a Doula in Owen Sound, ON. Sarah Moloney offers placenta encapsulation, eco maternity consultations & infant massage.">

Similar changes should be made for the internal pages. Always lead off the title and the description with your primary keywords. Just make sure each internal page has a different keyword focus.

Content Optimization? Almost there. In the footer of your pages, add a smaller paragraph listing every city, neighborhood or area you serve. According to Google Maps these might be: Chatsworth, Southampton, Sauble Beach, South Bruce Peninsula, Meaford, Thorbury, Markdale, Saugeen Shores, Hanover, Walkerton, Collingwood, Wiarton, Chesley, Durham, Port Elgin, Paisley, Mildmay, Stayner, Creemore.

On your inquiry page, where you list your email/phone, underneath put “Serving Owen Sound, {CITY}, {CITY} and beyond”. The other two cities should be the ones you receive the most inquiries from.

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Kind Words

Sarah is a member of the Grow Your Birth Business eCourse. She had this to say about her experience with the course and mastermind group:

“For all of my improvements I have to thank Emily from Bloom Birth Professionals for her vast knowledge and birth expertiese to encompass our needs and wants to better serve our clients. I would highly recommend this ecourse to any professionals in this realm if they are in need if a serious push!”Sarah Moloney

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