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checklistmockupDownload free daily, weekly & monthly business action plans to help keep your business on track! Designed just for birth professionals with tasks related to your business. These PDFs are digitally editable so that you can type right into them.

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How to Use the Action Plans

  • Daily: I recommend you open this as a PDF and just edit it digitally in order to save paper. Or you could print it and laminate it then use dry erase marker on it. First, start with your daily brain dump. Write down every tiny scrap of a to-do that is taking up bandwidth in your brain so that you can see it on paper. Even if you know you can’t do it today, just write it down. Next, choose the top three things you want to get done today and your “frog to eat”. This is the one thing you have been procrastinating and is really unpleasant.
  • Weekly: Choose which day of the week you want to focus on your weekly tasks and use this sheet to track their completion over the course of a month.
  • Monthly: Use this sheet to keep a birds eye view of your goals.