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4 Ways to Advertise Your Prenatal Fitness Business

Working as a prenatal and postpartum fitness instructor should be both personally rewarding and lucrative. Here are some tips for increasing your clients that won’t break the bank.

1. Encourage Word of Mouth

Your clients are your best advocates! Offer a bring a friend discount like: 15% off for both when they come together. Ask your clients to rate you on Yelp & your Facebook page which creates good search engine mojo when linked properly with your website and provides social proof when people find your reviews. If you have testimonials or success stories, feature them proudly in all your advertising.

2. Get Referrals from Health Professionals

Network with midwives, chiropractors, massage therapist, physical therapists and OB/GYNs. They frequently do no have reliable places to refer pregnant women to for fitness classes designed for their needs. They are also personally invested in the wellness of their clients and want to help them achieve a healthy pregnancy. Try sending a packet of information via the mail and then following up in person.

3. Maximize Your Yelp, Craigslist & Facebook Presence

For most birth professionals, Yelp & Craigslist aren’t a good place to advertise but with fitness classes they are a great opportunity. On Craigslist try posting under Community > Classes at least once per week and be sure to include pictures and testimonials in your ad. Create a Facebook content plan that posts relevant information at least once per day (3-4 time per day is ideal). Make sure your Yelp page is updated and has photos.

“I remember being afraid to do prenatal yoga but I went with a friend. The teacher saw I needed help and brought me a chair and taught me how to use it, without making me feel singled out. She helped me to see how awesome my body is!”Jen McLellan ~ Plus Size Birth
4. Be Size Friendly

Always offer an intro or beginners level class that is welcoming to all skill levels and mention in your advertising that you are size-friendly. Take the time to understand how to modify your classes safely for plus size pregnant women.

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