Quick Guide: 2015 Business Planners You’ll Love

I don’t know about you but I leave a veritable graveyard of planners in my wake. I’ve tried dozens of them with varying levels of success and learned that there is no one-size-fits-all planner. Some people want a by-the-hour daily planner to manage their schedule. Some people want a don’t-box-me-in-to-a-schedule goal planner. I’ve rounded up some of the most popular ones out there in this quick guide so that you can choose the one that fits your needs. Be sure to read to the bottom to claim the Bloom Business Solutions daily, weekly & monthly action plans for FREE!

Passion Planner

2015 passion planner

© Passion Planner

I’m still waiting for mine in the mail but I’ve been using their free printed version the last few weeks and I love it. Passion Planner is new to the planner scene and started as a KickStarter project that went viral.

What’s to Love: full size pages make writing out your schedule non-squinty, weekly layouts and monthly layouts, space for your to-do list on the weekly view, a neat “passion plan” guided brainstorming worksheet, this is a great planner for people who like to layout each day down to the hour.

Things to Consider: not as “pretty” as other planners but has a very clean design in solid black, fully bound so you can’t add pages

The Bottom Line: Classic Size (8.5″x11″) $30 or Compact Size (5.5″x8.5″) $25

Get the Passion Planner

Savor the Success Daily Action Planner

savor the success daily action planner

© Savor the Success

Created to help you focus on tasks and work through blocks, this planner is better for people who want to knock out their to-do list rather than stick to a rigid hourly schedule.

What’s to Love: tons of room for daily and weekly plans, I personally love the brain dump concept and the idea of tackling your “frogs”

Things to Consider: a single planner only covers one month (or 3 months) so you will need to buy multiple per year, spiral bound so that it will lay flat but you can’t add pages, no digital version

The Bottom Line: 6″x9″ size, choice of six colors, 30 day version $14.95 OR 90 day version, $39.95

Get the 30 Day Daily Action Planner Get the 90 Day Daily Action Planner

2015 Create Your Shining Year Workbook

leonie dawson 2015 shining year workbook

© Leonie Dawson

If you are a business goddess or a conscious entrepreneur this planner will make your heart happy. Definitely not a daily, weekly or even monthly planner, this is more of a vision-casting tool. It will help you examine your business and life from a variety of angles and create a series of goals.

What’s to Love: this planner is very colorful and artistic, it’s a joy to look through, offered in both print & digital versions, if you get the digital version you can choose to print it yourself and then add or remove pages

Things to Consider: the structure and language of this book definitely leans towards new age which will be a great fit for some but too woo-woo for others, this is more of a goal setting tool then a planner, you will likely fill it out early in the year and refer back to it as you review your goals, it isn’t designed to be used to organize your schedule on a daily basis

Get the Create Your Shining Year Workbook

Erin Condren Life Planner

2015 day planner erin condren

© Erin Condren

Quite easily the prettiest and most customizable planners. This is a great daily & weekly organizer with plenty of bells and whistles.

What’s to Love: the cover is customizable and replaceable, includes reinforced tabs to separate the months, colorful stickers to use, one zipper pocket and a folder pocket for reciepts/etc, lots of add-on accessories that are fun and customizable

Things to Consider: everything about this planner is colorful so if you want something plain and simple this isn’t the planner for you, spiral bound so that it will lay flat but you can’t add pages, no digital version

The Bottom Line: 7.25″ x 9.25″ size, variable pricing based on customization, starts at $50.00

Get the Erin Condren Life Planner

Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Day Planner

2015 desire map planner Danielle LaPorte

© Danielle LaPorte

If you are a fan of Danielle LaPorte or her Desire Map system, I’m certain you will love this planner. It’s a great combo of daily scheduling and her unique brand of goal setting.

What’s to Love: unique daily layouts that focus on unravelling your goals, monthly spreads for big picture focus, clean simple design

Things to Consider: fully bound so you can’t add pages, no digital version, much of the language is focused on manifesting & intention which will be a great fit for some but too woo-woo for others

The Bottom Line: 8.25″ x 5″ size, $34.00

Get the Desire Map Day Planner

The Day Designer

© Day Designer

© Day Designer

Made by a stationery designer, these planners are definitely well designed. Simple layouts with lots of room to write.

What’s to Love: plenty of room for your by-the-hour daily schedule and to-do lists, monthly overview calendars, Whitney also offers the “Well Designed Year” life planning system which helps you plan your yearly goals

Things to Consider: coil binding so that you can lay it open flat but you aren’t able to add pages

The Bottom Line: 9″ x 9.25″ size, several color options, $59 OR the downloadable Well Designed Year planning system for $47

Get the Day Designer Get the Well Designed Year

Grow Your Birth Business Action Plans

2015 daily weekly monthly planner

© Emily Fontes

Ever wanted daily, weekly & monthly checklists that guide you through the basics of running your birth business? I created these specifically for doulas, midwives & other birth professionals to help you keep your business thriving. Includes checklists for managing inquiries/clients, administrative tasks, accounting, marketing, advertising, social media and more. Best of all, they are FREE for you to download and use!

Get the GYBB Action Plans

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