Savvy Biz Tools: Google Voice

One of my favorite free business tools is Google Voice. If you would like a separate business number without a separate phone contract, this is the solution for you! You can set up a free account here.

What it is: You get a free phone number in whichever area code you choose and you can set it to forward the calls to any other phone you wish.

How it works: Someone calls the Google Voice number and it automatically rings all of the numbers you’ve designated. You can also receive text messages.

googlevoiceWhy it rocks:

  • You can login to Google Voice with your computer to see your text messages or voicemails (yes, actually transcribed!). Also all call logs are available online.
  • If you have a smart phone you can get a Google Voice app which allows you to track your GV calls/texts/voicemails separate from your regular cell number. Android or iPhone
  • You can create “open hours” and the rest of the time, your callers will receive voicemail.
  • You can set the caller ID to show your Google Voice number instead of the client number. This allows you to know you are receiving a business call and answer as your business: “{BIZ NAME} this is {YOUR NAME}”.
  • If for some reason you discontinue your business and pass it on to someone else, you can transfer all calls in to your Google Voice phone number to the new owner.
  • If you work in a group practice, you can have calls to your Google Voice phone number ring as many different phone numbers as you want. You can also change who receives calls on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Google Voice is pretty awesome but if you want even more power, check out Grasshopper.

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