Three Ways to Make Your Childbirth Class Irresistible to Dads

1. Create Class Curriculum That Dads Like
The first and most important step is to make your classes father friendly. Talk to fathers you know and ask them what would have made class a better fit for their needs. Word of mouth is a huge benefit to your marketing efforts so get dads raving about your classes. Here are some tips:

  • Validate their fears but don’t demean their abilities. Remind them that it’s okay that some of this may be new to them and that your job is to get them “ready for action”. Don’t assume that they don’t know anything though, ask questions and engage them in ways that show you value their innate wisdom and life experience.
  • Be funny but not at dads expense. Dads love humor but they don’t want to be the butt of anyone’s jokes. So find ways to make everyone laugh but don’t tease dads or shame them.
  • Focus on confidence building and skill acquisition. Dads need a different set of skills then pregnant women. While the mother needs to be in her primal brain in labor (not using the neocortex), fathers are very much using their decision making and logistical skills (full engagement of the neocortex). Prioritize teaching hands-on, concrete skills over theory. Give dads a “toolbox” of ideas for labor and show them how to use it.
  • Offer some tech that makes class dad-friendly. Try asking them to use their smart phones in class. Either to look up information or to text you questions anonymously. Give them a list of pregnancy/birth/baby apps to check out.

2. Get Testimonials from Dads Who Have Taken Your Class
Nothing is better than social proof when it comes to convincing fathers to take a childbirth class. Ask for testimonials from dads and use them in all your marketing. It can feel a bit intimidating for fathers to write a testimonial from scratch, so ask questions when requesting a testimonial to make it simple. Such as: What was the return on your investment in a childbirth classes? What stands out most about your experience in class? What skills did you learn in class that were the most useful?
If you can get a photo of the father and baby to use with the testimonial, even better!

3. Write a Page on Your Website Just for Dads
Sometimes you just need to speak directly to dads in their own language. It is hugely beneficial to create a page on your website just for fathers. Here’s some ideas of what to include:

  • Write about the benefits of your classes from the dad’s point of view.
  • Address the questions or concerns that dads usually raise about attending classes.
  • Provide some links to websites just for fathers.
  • Connect them with dad-friendly Twitter or Facebook communities.
  • Make a list of must-have dad gear.

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