World Doula Week

March 22nd to 28th is World Doula Week where parents and professionals alike celebrate the unique contributions doulas are making to new families.

For the last several years I have been delighted to provide “doula pride” badges for use on social media. Alas, each year people have wanted custom colors and I never had the availability to make individual badges.

Luckily I’ve developed a program that allows you to fully customize the colors of your badge. Hooray! Click here to play with the Badge Generator (it works the best on a computer or tablet). Instructions:

  • When you launch the badge generator, you’ll be prompted with a “Create New” button. If you want to make a profile photo the minimum dimensions are 180 x 180 but I recommend 600 x 600.
  • Next use the color picker under the “Basics” -> “Bkgd Color” to choose the background color for your badge.
  • Then you can select the saying of your choice under the “Sticker” menu. You’ll notice there are several categories (and more to come!).
  • When you place a sticker it defaults to white but you can also choose your own color for the sticker.
  • Then save your sticker to your computer and upload wherever you like!


If you are interested in doula business support I have several programs available for you at a discount price THIS WEEK ONLY!